Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Radvision from HD Distributing - Leaders in Videoconferencing

Enright Company announces our new relationship with RADVISION, www.radvision.com, a leading technology provider for unified visual communications. RADVISION offers video network infrastructure, developer tools, desktop and mobile video conferencing systems, and now endpoint products. The SCOPIA XT1000 room system and SCOPIA VC240 desktop endpoint have revolutionized the high definition (HD) market.

Radvision's new VC240
With its acquisition of Aethra endpoint technology in February 2010, RADVISION has introduced its own HD room system, the SCOPIA XT1000. The SCOPIA XT1000 delivers the perfect blend of value and a high quality, high-end experience, making it stand out amongst the competition.
Key features of the SCOPIA XT1000 include:   

Dual Full HD 1080p 30fps:
The SCOPIA XT1000 delivers two full HD (1080p 30fps) video streams as standard.  The included high end PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera supports 10x optical zoom and wide angle capability for viewing details as well as an entire group.  The second 1080p video stream can be used with an additional 1080p camera for complete visual coverage or with a PC for data sharing.

High Resolution PC Data Sharing: The SCOPIA XT1000 supports high resolution PC data sharing at 30fps so presentations and even video clips can be shared with zero loss of quality.  The quality of the data channel does not degrade even when the main video channel is operating at full HD 1080p 30fps.

Embedded HD Multi-party Conferencing:
RADVISION’s multipoint expertise is embedded in the SCOPIA XT1000. Support for high definition, continuous presence meetings with up to nine participants are very affordable utilizing the SCOPIA XT1000’s built-in MCU.

Full Band Audio with Beam Forming Microphone Technology:
The SCOPIA XT1000 provides 48 kHz (full band) audio encoding to ensure high clarity audio transmission with no loss of quality.  Beam forming technology is used in the 3-way microphone to put the focus on the speaker while isolating background noise.
The SCOPIA VC240 is the result of joint design and development between RADVISION and Samsung and leverages each company’s respective best of breed expertise.  The SCOPIA VC240 is the first product in the market to integrate all the components required for high definition desktop video conferencing into a single unit at an affordable price.  It can operate as a standalone desktop HD video conferencing device as well as a 24 inch high resolution monitor.

Key features of the SCOPIA VC240 include:    

All-in-One Desktop Video Conferencing & PC Display:  The 24” widescreen LCD, high definition camera, high fidelity speakers, echo cancelling microphone, along with an advanced video conferencing engine provide an elegant All-In-One standalone HD desktop video conferencing system and PC display.

High Quality HD Video & Data Sharing:  Enjoy superior quality desktop video conferencing with full 720p, 30 fps performance with bandwidth as low as 750kbps, while supporting up to 2Mbps. Sharing PC data and presentations with other systems couldn’t be easier with the SCOPIA VC240’s integrated H.239 dual video capabilities.

Making calls and connections is as easy to use as your mobile phone. Forget what you know about complicated user interfaces for sophisticated systems. Connecting with the SCOPIA VC240 is simple, fast and brilliantly designed. Get your last dialed calls, detailed history and phone book in an instant.

Seamlessly integrated with RADVISION’s SCOPIA total solution, including the XT1000 with uncompromised 1080p for conference rooms, the SCOPIA Elite MCU offering multipoint power and scale, SCOPIA Desktop enabling HD conferencing on the go, SCOPIA Mobile for touch control and SCOPIA Management Suite for deploying and managing distributed deployments.

The SCOPIA VC240 breaks down barriers to desktop deployment by allowing users to enjoy all the benefits of the HD video communications experience at a fraction of the cost of competing hardware solutions. With its market leading price point, the VC240 enables wide-scale deployment of HD video on the desktop, dramatically increasing the ROI of a video conferencing deployment.
Enright Company is representing RADVISION thru HD Distributing,in MN. For more information, please contact your Enright Company sales representative.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Brightline Makes the Difference

Your customers need to spend a few more dollars to add proper lighting that HD VC system you’re installing. Why? How do you get it done correctly?
In business over 11 years, we at Brightline are thrilled to be represented by the Enright Company team.  Brightline, www.brightlines.com,  manufactures lighting systems for use in video applications. As an integrator, you need not be a lighting expert out of the chute. You need the right number to call for expert help: that person is your Enright Company representative.

Today more and more VC systems are sold in high definition. In 720P, the image sensor has four times more pixels than standard definition on a chip that in many ways is smaller than the SD predecessor.  This means in equal settings, each HD pixel receives potentially 75% LESS light than that of an SD chip. For accurate exposure and focus, enough light must reach the camera from the subjects.  A CEO who looks like a silhouette, green, out of focus or has dark circles under his eyes will not communicate as effectively as when he looks his best. Some companies include lighting in their VC packages not only to optimize system performance, but also to reduce service calls!

Seeing is believing: ask your Enright Company representative to arrange a brief VC with Brightline’s Pennsylvania-based demonstration room.  We’ll show you the before and after. Prepare to be amazed.

Brightline makes a wide range of lighting products that are built to order based on a lighting design Brightline creates to meet the needs of the system you are selling. As I make the rounds with the Enright Company, I want to arrange with you a training to get sales and engineers up to speed to successfully sell and profit from Brightline lighting systems with each new VC system sold.  I’m looking forward to working with you!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Liberty Wire & Cable Is Now Liberty Av Solutions

Name change gives better definition to company’s expanding role worldwide

John Dace, Liberty AV Solutions
COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, June 21, 2010—A global leader within the professional AV marketplace known for its wide-ranging catalog of wire and cable, Liberty Wire & Cable has officially changed its name to Liberty AV Solutions. Debuting with its new moniker, a totally revamped booth, and a number of new brands and product lines at this year’s InfoComm, the company changed its name to better reflect its new presence as a comprehensive connectivity infrastructure AV solutions provider.

“Unveiling Liberty AV Solutions as our new name marks a significant milestone in the history of our company,” explains Liberty AV President John Dace. “The name Liberty Wire & Cable no longer adequately represented our business, our products, or our position as a leader in connectivity infrastructure AV solutions. The new name embodies our ability and continuing commitment to help our customers find labor savings, as well as one-stop-shop solutions through a unique combination of products and expertise.”

In conjunction with the name change, the company also revealed its Dedicated to Digital® commitment (which is backed by a line of products and services designed to aid customers as they transition from analog to digital. “Growth necessitates change,” Dace adds. “The new name more accurately reflects the company’s leadership position, and the new product advancements provide the professional AV industry with the products they need to maintain an edge in today's market.”

The company’s new web address is www.libav.com. Effective immediately, all future business activity will be conducted using the new name. There has been no change in the company’s management or ownership.

About Liberty AV Solutions (formerly Liberty Wire & Cable)

Liberty AV Solutions is recognized as a leading contract manufacturer of AV integration products. They are also positioned to be at the leading edge in digital solutions. Liberty’s headquarters is in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Liberty’s distribution offices are located in Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina, Hawaii and Europe. Liberty remains focused on customer service and education while continuing to provide the broadest range of professional AV products available. Liberty  AV Solutions is a subsidiary of Communications Supply Corporation, which is owned by WESCO International, Inc., a publicly-traded Fortune 500 holding company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.