Monday, December 29, 2014

Casio Lampless Projectors Illuminate St. Columban Church

LED/Laser Technology Means No Lamp Replacements

Garden Grove, CA.  Ro Elliott has served as Music Director at St. Columban Church, Garden Grove, CA, since 2004. One of 62 parishes in the Catholic Diocese of Orange County, CA, Ro selected two Casio XJ-H1700 laser/LED lampless projectors,, for their 1800 seat sanctuary. The church displays music lyrics, scripture and more at all masses for their parishioners on the two front walls next to the alter area.

Ro Elliott of Garden Grove's St. Columban Church
is thrilled with Casio projectors

Wayne Trouten of Electronic Design Solutions Inc (EDS), Murrieta, CA, systems integrator for the church recommended Casio,, the first hybrid laser/LED projector line, to replace older, dimmer lamped projectors. EDS, founded in 1993, is a full service company providing design, engineered drawings and installation of AV and low voltage systems.

“We are thrilled with the performance of the Casio projectors – they’re bright and clear” said Ro who serves under Pastor Juan Caboboy at St Columban. “The idea of never replacing bulbs will save our parish a lot of expense and hassle” Ro continued.

Casio announced they have upgraded the entire 22 projector line with even better color rendition, internal memory, improved wireless features and more at InfoComm 2014. Most Casio projectors are now made in Japan (not China any more) which means will be marketable in government sales as a favored nation.

Monday, December 22, 2014

SunBriteTV Debuts SunBriteDS

High-performance displays designed for permanent outdoor installation 

Thousand Oaks, CA. Introducing SunBriteTV’s,, launch of SunBriteDS, a dedicated division of commercial digital signage displays designed for permanent outdoor installation.

SunBriteTV’s high pedigree for innovation and consistency will be evident in SunBriteDS through its comprehensive offering of digital signage solutions for integrators, venue operators and dealers.

Sunbrite Display    

Eliminating any fear of isotropic blackout, SunBriteDS models will boast 700-NIT panels for reliably bright image quality in any climate or lighting. The SunBriteDS family will also include touchscreen models, portrait orientation displays, and sizes ranging from 32” to 55” as well as new ultra-high-performance Marquee Series models.

“We’re launching SunBriteDS to give venue operators unprecedented options with outdoor signage,” said Cameron Hill, CEO, SunBriteTV. “Between 11 models available in a variety of size, color, touchscreen and orientation options, SunBriteDS will boast 39 SKUs, making it the most comprehensive only time-tested line of outdoor digital signage displays in the world.”

All SunBriteDS outdoor commercial displays are fully weatherproof, protected from rain, dust, insects, humidity, grease and salty air due to a rugged exterior and watertight Cable Entry System. All SunBriteDS models function in temperatures as low as -40° and as high as 122° Fahrenheit.

Designed for permanent outdoor installation, SunBriteTV’s outdoor televisions are superior to indoor televisions when it comes to both safety and performance. Specialized gaskets and insulated electronics keep all wiring safe from every kind of natural element from moisture to insects. The bright, anti-glare screens are specially designed to deliver bright HD images outdoors, day or night.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Long Live AV

by Rob Sheeley (Retired Founder of Vaddio)

Rob Sheeley

A Video Conferencing or any type of conferencing is just another application on our desktop. The challenge that the industry failed to see is that what were once desktop applications have now become meeting room applications.

As the BYOD or Bring Your Own Device evolution has changed the enterprise-computing model and as a result how we work and where we work. End users now expect their applications to work in the meeting room, classroom, living room and anywhere else they decide to work.

The opportunity in our industry is to realize that we are no longer selling black boxes, but instead we are creating computer portals (or docks) that enable these applications & cloud services to have access to high quality video & audio room tools, and not webcams and USB microphones.

The end user still expects his room experience to be just as good as what he had before. Our job is to make sure that happens. We are now seeing that Video Conferencing is no longer an industry by itself but just another "App" or Cloud based service that we use everyday.

The real industry here is AV and now video conferencing is just another application that must be considered when a meeting room is designed. Long Live AV

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New AV Product Offerings From Vaddio

Camera Series Features Revolutionary Range-Set Image Control

Minnetonka, MN. Some of the newest offerings from Vaddio,,  include the RoboSHOT Broadcast and RoboSHOT Conference PTZ camera systems.  This new camera series features Range-Set image control, a revolutionary new optical image control technology that allows integrators and technical staff the ability to set the appropriate wide field-of-view and optical zoom range to match the live requirements of the room.  In addition to Range-Set, the RoboSHOT camera series features a new camera control protocol called Tri-Synchronous Motion by Vaddio.  Now pan, tilt and zoom are just one command resulting in the ability to deliver smooth and repeatable “On-Air” camera motion.

RoboSHOT Camera by Vaddio

In addition to the new camera series, Vaddio has expanded its AV Bridge line by introducing the AV Bridge CONFERENCE and AV Bridge MATRIX PRO.   Based off of Vaddio’s award winning technology, the AV Bridge CONFERENCE is designed for use with UC and videoconferencing soft clients.  The AV Bridge MATRIX PRO is a complete professional AV solution designed to reduce the complexity of designing USB systems for meeting and lecture capture rooms that support multiple cameras and microphones.  The MATRIX PRO allows you to add audio and video mixing functionality into one box.

New audio solutions by Vaddio include the ConferencePOD and the Audio Bridge. The ConferencePOD is an enterprise-quality USB 2.0, Bluetooth and VoIP conference phone with echo cancellation and full duplex operation for use with UC applications. Vaddio’s Audio Bridge is a professional USB audio interface that allows you to integrate professional audio equipment into USB-based PC applications, Unified Communications, lecture capture, recording or any other application that requires professional audio. Existing meeting room audio equipment can now be used with any UC soft client including Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, Google+ and more.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

RGB Spectrum Expands Enright Region

Key Personnel Changes Announced

Alameda, CA. RGB Spectrum,, the leading manufacturer of video processing, recording, distribution and control products, has announced additional regional coverage by The Enright Company and several key internal personnel changes.

The Enright Company now represents RGB Spectrum in audiovisual for all of CA, AZ and NV. Having been the reps for the southwest for over 10 years, the Northern CA and AZ changes are a re-appointment.

Denis Carle
Denis Carle has assumed the position of VP Sales with the retirement of Tony Spica last month after Spica’s 20 year very successful run at the manufacturer. Mr Carle has been with RGB Spectrum for many years himself in key management positions, and will be leading the team into more systems oriented sales at their Alameda, CA headquarters.

Larry Kay
Larry Kay has joined the firm eight months ago as Regional Sales Manager for the Southwest. Mr Kay, based in the LA area, has a multi decade background in security, fire, electrical. He has been involved in many large design build projects in this region.

Lee Binschus

Lee Binschus has been tapped to be NW Regional Sales Manager (including over Enright Company in Northern CA and Northern NV) after many years with Planar and a national systems integration firm.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Enright Company Appointed Stewart Filmscreen Reps

Stewart Volume Incentive Program Announced

Santa Ana, CA.  The Enright Company has been appointed representatives for commercial AV for Stewart Filmscreen,, for CA, AZ, NV and HI.  The Stewart story is rich: At 55 years of age, Roy Stewart had an opportunity that fit in with his vision of making large front and rear projection screens. With the help of his two sons the purchase was made and a small pilot operation was opened at a former WWII munitions facility in Torrance, CA. Under the name, Roy C. Stewart & Sons, the business produced one lace and grommet screen a week for the movie industry.

Large Fixed Frame Screen

For more than 65 years now, Stewart has been the consistent choice of discerning clientele of projector screens around the world. Aesthetic-conscious architects, consultants, systems designers, and property owners rely on Stewart Filmscreen for the perfect combination of superior quality, flexible design, and dedicated support, and we consistently deliver.

Now Stewart announces their first ever volume-incentive program for the commercial AV integrator: between October 6, 2014 and March 31, 2015, have a formal estimate prepared by your Stewart Filmscreen Sales Representative or inside sales engineer and lock in a discount based on minimum quantity levels. All standardized Stewart Filmscreen and Cima™ by Stewart Filmscreen products up to seventeen (17) feet in width are eligible. Call or click your Enright Company representative for details!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Vaddio Announces New President and CEO

Technology Veteran and Former Polycom Executive Joins Vaddio Leadership Team

Ed Ellett, Vaddio's New President

Minneapolis, MN. Vaddio,, the trusted leader in robotic cameras and unified communications products,today announced the appointment of Ed Ellett as Vaddio’s President, Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors effective on June 30, 2014. Ellett is a seasoned senior executive with extensive expertise in marketing, product strategy, operations and sales channel development.He was most recently senior vice president and general manager of Nvidia’s Professional Solutions Group. Previously, Ellett was a Senior Vice President and General Manager of Polycom’s Unified Communications Video Business Unit. Ellett holds a B.S. in electrical engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.

Ellett replaces Rob Sheeley, founder and CEO of Vaddio, who has served as President since founding the company with Tom Mingo in December 2002.

“We welcome Ed’s experience and leadership to the Vaddio management team,” said Vaddio founder, Rob Sheeley. “As Vaddio has grown from a couple of guys dreaming up new products as a technology startup in a back room in Minneapolis in 2002 to this amazing industry leading camera and Unified Communication technology company that we are today, we knew we needed to add someone who could lead Vaddio into its next era of growth. Ed’s experience in our industry combined with his management style fits perfectly with Vaddio’s corporate culture and makes him the ideal leader to assume my role at Vaddio. I will continue to be involved with Vaddio as a board member and providing leadership guidance in marketing and product development strategies.”

“I am excited to join the dynamic and innovative team working at Vaddio as well as building on the great relationships it has with its partners,” said Ellett. “The industry is undergoing change and the creative professional cameras and unified communications products from Vaddio are well aligned to these changes to meet customers’ business needs. I am looking forward to contributing and building on the growth of the company.”

About Vaddio: 
Vaddio  is  the  leading  manufacturer  of  specialty  PTZ  cameras  and  camera  control  systems  used  in  the audiovisual,  videoconference  and  broadcast  industries. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 Enright Company Roadshows Knock It Out Of The Park!

Todd Bergum of Vaddio at Enright Roadshow

Santa Ana, CA. The Enright Company 2014 Roadshows concluded last month in Arizona and what a time it was!  Hundreds of our best and brightest selling partners participated in our four city tour. With exhibits, breakout sessions, product demos and great luncheons, we knocked it out of the park again!

We thank all our principals and our customers alike for their steadfast support of these events.

Standby for something altogether different and even better next year. And thanks again!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Steve McNeil Promoted to Regional Sales for Enright Company

Steve McNeil

Santa Ana, CA. Steve McNeil at The Enright Company was promoted to outside sales earlier this year. Handling dealers, consultants and their customers in the Southland, Steve has been our inside person for the eight years.

“Steve has been a big asset to our firm and has proven himself as our ace inside guy” said Principal, Logan Enright.

“I’m looking forward to solving people’s AV needs” said McNeil. Steve will be concentrating on clients in Orange County and San Diego. “My love of AV and IT is my strong suit and my main motivation for this move. I love to help people by steering them in the right direction with technology” he added.

Please congratulate Steve,, and welcome him into your business for all our fine manufacturers. Steve can be reached via cell at: 714-922-5286.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Klipsch Pro Appoints Enright Company

Klipsch – Keepers of the Sound

The Klipsch Commercial Division is proud to be represented by the professionals at The Enright Company. For over 65 years, Klipsch has built premium loudspeakers with a no-compromise attitude. Whether in the home, on the stage, in the cinema or in your favorite store or restaurant our sound is uniquely detailed and clear. Our exclusive Tractrix® Horn-loaded technology reproduces sound with controlled dispersion, high-efficiency and very low-distortion for truly engaging sound at any volume level. Klipsch 70 Volt, distributed audio speakers use high quality transformers for minimal saturation and insertion loss for an acoustic signature as close to our 8 ohm speakers as possible. Our unique, transformer less, 70 Volt in-ceiling subwoofer significantly improves low-frequency bandwidth for deep, realistic bass. Our KI line of speakers and subwoofers provide superior performance in both permanent installation and production environments including theaters, auditoriums, music clubs, houses of worship, and A/V production environments.

New Volt speakers are built to
withstand rigors of outdoor use
Our new 70 Volt CP-4T and CP-6T speakers are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use while, at the same time, providing a highly aesthetic look that blends perfectly into any indoor environment.  Their smaller size and ability to mount closer to a wall or even be tucked into a corner with a V-shaped rear profile makes them virtually disappear from sight.  Tool-free angle adjustment in 15° increments makes positioning a breeze. The unique mounting bracket combined with front wire termination assures a fast, easy, one-screwdriver installation with no visible wires.
With thousands of installations around the world Klipsch has the experience to provide the perfect sonic atmosphere for any setting.

About Klipsch
For over 65 years, Klipsch has designed premium speakers for those who are passionate about great sound. Company founder Paul W. Klipsch started this legacy in 1946, and it continues today with sheer commitment to innovation and delivering the world’s most powerful, detailed and emotional sound reproduction. Today, the brand’s diverse product portfolio encompasses home theater, professional cinema, installed whole-house contracting, commercial, computer speakers, wireless music speakers and headphones. As one of the first U.S. loudspeaker companies, Klipsch continues to be the high-performance brand of choice for audiophiles and home theater aficionados around the world. Klipsch Group, Inc. is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX).

Friday, May 16, 2014

Euro Design AV Furniture With Panache

A culture built on listening to the needs of dealers and end users

Euro Design Systems based in Tucson, AZ is a significant player furniture in the AV world for almost 20 years. Their slogan “just ask” is more than a catch phrase, it is a culture built by listening to the needs of their dealers and end users.  In December, a new CNC (computerized numerically controlled) machine was installed. It will allow Euro to exceed delivery times for their clients.  The new collaboration table line is available and customizable, as well as the iLEC-Series.  Enright Company, who exhibited Euro at the 2013 Fall Roadshows,  is excited to have Euro as one of our premier manufacturers.

Euro Design Systems' new collaboration table

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Visionary Solutions’ PackeTV® Wins 2014 NAB ‘Best of Show’ Award

Award honors new products based on several key criteria

Visionary Solutions, Inc. today announced that  PackeTV®, its modular end-to-end IPTV solution received the 2014 NAB “Best of Show” award from TV Technology magazine, one of the industry's leading publications for technology news and reviews. Judged by a panel of engineers and industry experts, the awards contest honors new products based on several key criteria including innovation, feature set, cost efficiency, and performance. Visionary Solutions’ PackeTV® is an IP video network and asset management solution that enables secure scheduled or on-demand delivery of live and recorded video.

“It’s gratifying to be the recipient of this prestigious industry award,” said VSI President Jordan Christoff. “PackeTV was created with a vision in mind: to provide the industry with a single, end-to-end IP video network solution that would greatly simplify and reduce the cost of distributing high-quality video content to any screen. Winning this award symbolizes that achievement.”

PackeTV® was selected to receive the “Best of Show” Award from among hundreds of new products in the competition. After winning the award, Visionary Solutions was presented with an honorary plaque at the 2014 NAB Show and will be featured in TV Technology magazine.

Using PackeTV®, organizations can easily and cost-effectively deliver high-quality HD and SD, MPEG-2/H.264 video content to TVs, set-top boxes (STBs), PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other IP-connected devices across a wide range of networks, including LAN, WAN, WiFi, cellular, and the public Internet. The open-standard solution is compatible with a wide range of equipment, including VSI encoders and decoders and features the same modular architecture as the encoder and decoder product lines, allowing customers to upgrade as their budget permits. This modular flexibility lowers the base price of the equipment by allowing the customer to purchase only the features they need at the moment and upgrading the software as requirements change.

The PackeTV® platform can quickly and easily be deployed in virtually any IT environment, including the broadcast, enterprise, entertainment, education, healthcare, and house of worship markets to support a variety of applications from corporate communication to video monitoring, training and distance learning, and legacy cable system replacement with TV over IP.

PackeTV® begins shipping this month. More information about PackeTV® and Visionary Solutions’ other products is available at

About Visionary Solutions, Inc.
Visionary Solutions, Inc. (VSI) develops and manufactures open-standard solutions that harness the power and flexibility of IP networks to deliver real-time video and audio. With a passion for innovation and customer service, VSI provides outstanding products recognized for their value, performance, versatility, and quality. VSI products support the industry’s latest technology standards, including H.264, making the company a trusted partner for solutions in the enterprise, education, government, house of worship, entertainment, healthcare, and broadcast markets. VSI sets the industry standard for high-quality video transport over IP networks.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Crimson AV Redesigns Menu Board Display Mount Solutions

Significantly reduces total cost of ownership as well as assembly, installation and alignment time

Fully Modular Multi-Display Menu Board Mount Designs by Crimson AV was unveiled at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas in February 2014.

The Company utilized the Expo to unveil several new multi-display inline mounting solutions engineered specifically for the digital signage and commercial markets, for menu boards, signage, way finding, and more. Expanding on the Company’s mission to deliver professional-grade AV mounting solutions that are simple to specify, order and install, Crimson will unveil at DSE 2014 a host of new modular mounting solutions that were specifically designed for hospitality, entertainment, education, healthcare facilities, houses of worship, venues of any size, and a wide variety of commercial, pro and residential applications. Crimson AV has a unique value proposition and fills a much-needed niche. The Company not only provides a comprehensive TV and projector mount lineup of off-the-shelf solutions, it also specializes in custom-configured solutions designed to specification and suitable for virtually every type of audio-visual installation.

Newly redesigned fully modular solution

Newly Redesigned CML and CMP Inline Display and Menu Board Mounting System
The CML and CMP ceiling-mounted Menu Board Mount System has been redesigned to significantly reduce the assembly, installation and alignment time of inline multi-display arrays or menu board installations as well as to lower the total cost of ownership. A fully modular solution for mounting multiple displays from the ceiling in either landscape or portrait orientation, this new mount solution features Crimson’s simplified alignment design and post-installation leveling that makes perfecting the visual aesthetic a breeze, further reducing time spent on the job. To simplify the specification and ordering process, CML and CMP prices are based on the number of displays to be mounted, so systems designers need only to know the size and number of displays to be used as well as the orientation; Crimson will kit the complete mount system and ship it to the location requested in cartons that are easily managed by a single installer.

Crimson’s industry-leading 10-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that integrators and systems designers are provided much-needed peace of mind that they have chosen the right mounts for the job, and allows them to focus on the more technical aspects of the installation.

“We work closely with our customers to develop the solutions they need to solve a wide variety of installation challenges,” says Crimson President, Vlad Gleyzer. “Our new mount lineup provides the answer to many of the most cumbersome issues experienced when mounting displays for use in digital signage and other commercial applications. Designed to both simplify and expedite the design, assembly, installation, and alignment process, Crimson AV mounts will more than satisfy the needs of those seeking to source or specify innovative display mount solutions.”

Every product in Crimson’s comprehensive assortment is manufactured to rigorous standards, designed for maximum install efficiency, and sold for a fraction of the price of competitive solutions, making the line making the lineup a “must see” at trade shows and regional events.

About Crimson
Based in Glenview, IL, Crimson AV manufactures a comprehensive yet uniquely differentiated lineup of display mounting solutions designed for Commercial, Pro, and Residential audio-visual applications. Combining enhanced product design techniques, extensive manufacturing expertise, and lean business practices, Crimson has developed a proprietary business model that delivers superior products for maximum value. Customers benefit from professional-grade products that are backed by unparalleled service and technical support. Uncompromising design and build quality requirements and an industry-leading 10-year warranty ensure each Crimson AV mount will be trouble-free for years to come. Interested parties can learn more about Crimson mounting solutions by visiting, by calling 866-MOUNT-TV, by writing to and by following @CrimsonAV on Twitter.

Monday, May 5, 2014

New Casio LampFree Ultra Short Throw Projector

XJ-UT310WN – WXGA Ultra Short Throw Projector

Casio is pleased to announce the addition of the XJ-UT310WN Ultra Short Throw projector to our full line of LampFree® projectors. The XJ-UT 310WN is a model you requested and was developed based on your input.

We are sure you will agree the XJ-UT310WN has all the features you expect from an Ultra Short Throw plus it is LampFree®.

XJ-UT310WN boasts an impressively short throw ratio
Key Features
• 3100 Lumen Brightness
• WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution
• 0.28:1 throw ratio – one of the shortest in the industry
• Dust Resistant Design
• Made in Japan
• DLP Display Technology
• Robust Input / Output connectivity
• 16 W speaker and Microphone jack
• Optional Wall Mount available (YM-80)

Install Project Bounty Program
With the peak install season upon us, now is the time to be introducing your educational customers to the XJ-UT310WN.  In conjunction with the XJ-UT310WN introduction, we are launching the XJ-UT310WN Install Project Bounty program.

Program 1 – First 100+ unit installation
Period – April 1, 2014 through June 30, 2014
Qualification – 1st end user install of at least 100 XJ-UT310WN projectors
Install – must be completed by June 30, 2014
Prize – $1000 bounty from Casio

Program 2 – Top Three 100+ installations
Period – April 1, 2014 through July 31, 2104
Qualification – Top three installs of a least 100 XJ-UT310WN.
Install – must be completed by July 31, 2014
    1st Place    $1000
    2nd Place    $500 (two winners)

Sales Tools
The following sales tools are included with this email and available for
download from the portal (More info in this bulletin)
o Specification Sheet (Ref # PJ-01-05-01)
o Bid Specification
o Competitive Comparison Chart
o Model Setup Sheet
o Product photography  Available for download at

Sellpoint Dealer Portal – Reminder
Our dealer portal at provides 24 hour access to Casio LampFree® product information. This password accessible site has a wealth of information including the sales tools included with this email plus product photography.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Vaddio’s AV Bridge MATRIX PRO Enables AV Room Solution for USB/IP Applications

Complete professional AV solution reduces the complexity of designing systems

Vaddio’s AV Bridge Matrix PRO is a complete professional AV solution designed to reduce the complexity of designing USB systems for meeting and lecture capture rooms that support multiple cameras and microphones. Based on Vaddio’s award-winning AV Bridge technology, the MATRIX PRO adds audio and video mixing functionality directly into the box.

“The challenge with designing USB systems has been the limitation of a PC and its ability to support only one camera and one microphone on a USB System Bus,” explained CEO Rob Sheeley.  “The AV Bridge Matrix PRO gives integrators the ability to add multiple cameras, microphones and other AV devices into PC-based system room design. It then manages the complex process of mixing, switching and controlling those devices into a single USB stream. We believe that this will be an easier and more cost-effective solution for our integrators who are designing lecture capture and UC conferencing systems.”

AV Bridge CONFERENCE – One of the 3 new additions to the AV Bridge family

The MATRIX PRO replaces a rack full of gear by combining a variety of capabilities:  an AV encoder with simultaneous IP and USB 2.0 streaming, a four-input seamless HD video switcher, three Quick-Connect Interfaces for Vaddio cameras, an 8 x 4 cross-point audio matrix mixer/switcher with AEC, four audio ports for Vaddio EasyUSB microphones with built-in AEC, and a web server for configuration programming, control and remote management.

HD Streaming Solution for UC and Videoconferencing Rooms with Vaddio's AV Bridge Conference

Vaddio launches the new AV Bridge Conference which provides integrators the ability to integrate soft codecs, including Skype, Cisco Jabbe and Microsoft Lync, into traditional AV designs.

Based on UVC/UAC USB standards, no special USB drivers need to be installed, and as a result, AV Bridge Conference works seamlessly with any software application running on any operating system that supports USB 2.0 devices.  Whether you want to do a Microsoft Lync video call or need to set up an audio conference, the AV Bridge Conference provides the USB connection to your AV System. What to record or sream a meeting? Use the recording and streaming software of your choice - and AV Bridge Conference will connect the audio and video sources.

"AV Bridge Conference was designed to support far-end audio for conferencing applications," explained Rob Sheeley, president of Vaddio.  "Videoconferencing system designs require separated near-end audio for local speaker amplification from remote sites."

AV Bridge Conference can support selectable balanced or unbalanced audio - and selectable HDMI, RGBHV, SD or HD component video inputs.  Outputs include USB 2.0 with HD UV/UAV device support, or an Ethernet network interface for both IP control and streaming (RTSP and HLS.) Far-end audio is delivered from the AV Bridge Conference through a balanced (XLR) or unbalanced (RCA) audio input.

AV Bridge Conference makes it simple to encode, capture and stream AV content through a variety of PC Applications or Directly to the network.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The New Paradigm for the AV Industry

We are no longer a cottage industry

In more than 25 years as a manufacturer’s representative in the AV industry, I have seen our market go from slide machines, to more complex display with control, to the present hybrid AV/IT systems our customers are currently demanding.  Those systems may begin as an AV project, but often demand some voice/data/network capabilities.  We are now playing in a much larger world, no longer a cottage industry, and we cannot act like it.

How can an integrator stay relevant in this new landscape?
  • Utilize training. From manufacturers and their representatives to stay up with the latest products, and how they integrate into the larger ecosystem they will live – including networks, UC, cloud connections and videoconferencing.  Your manufacturer’s representative can train you on multiple synergistic lines of equipment, often on the cutting edge of new technology. Certify your people.  Variations of CTS are important, and videoconferencing and control companies offer a range of certifications.  The AV/IT courses at Infocomm this year are a perfect example, from basic networking and networked AV systems courses to a tough 3 day training and certification for network pro’s. 
  • Verify your business.  The new ANSI/INFOCOMM 10-2013, Audiovisual Systems Performance Verification provides what InfoComm calls a comprehensive, systematic, and practical approach to verifying performance of AV systems.
  • Inform yourself. When you begin to address a customer’s needs, are you aware of how they are using Collaboration?  Unified Communications?  Videoconferencing?  Cloud backup and storage?  Streaming video?   Talk to your rep, ask what they know.  All these items impact what customers want from their AV systems, and how future AV will be designed.  Some of the things we do every day will be obsolete in a few years, others we have never heard of will be our core business.
So, what will be your future model?  Stay in the boardroom?  Become a communication provider?  Both are acceptable choices, but taking a few minutes now to take focus on the future is better than just letting it happen.

We at the Enright Company can actually help there.  We are well trained in not only our products and their function, but in the market trends and systems with which they co-exist.  Among the products we carry are items that handle UC, voice/video, network and cloud streaming, wireless and networked collaboration, cloud based videoconferencing, and much more.  We are always happy to spend some time discussing how these  technologies will integrate into your future business.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

GPO US’ Auto Condition Reporting (ACR)

Smart Controller keeps tabs on video walls in remote locations

Dead or unused space is never welcome on a video wall.  When a service issue arises, users often have no choice but to grin and bear it.  The interruption associated with failing screens is often exacerbated by the diagnostics process, as panels may need to be removed for further evaluation.  The invasion of service technicians into workspaces is never welcome but is a necessity when remote diagnostics (typically via phone or email) fail.

GPO US’,, ACR (Auto Condition Reporting) program allows users to keep tabs on video walls in remote locations and greatly reduces the need for disruptive onsite diagnostics and troubleshooting.

The Enright Company represents GPO in our entire region including AZ now.

GPO US’ “Superior” video wall series features compatibility with our “Smart Controller” (SM100), which provides an LED status readout showing the condition of inputs, power supply, and panel on individual monitors.  Smart Controllers are connected to video walls via RS-232 daisy-chain, so only one Smart Controller is required per video wall.  The Smart Controller also features a LAN port, which may be connected to a router, offering remote monitoring of display status from anywhere in the world with internet connectivity.

This leads to a significantly reduced diagnostic turn-around time and all but eliminates the need to remove screens for troubleshooting.  If a customer grants GPO US access to their local network, GPO US’ remote server will gather usage data for a full history of each display, offering further insight into usage patterns and conditions leading up to a failure.  ACR is available with any of GPO US’ “Superior” video wall models- both 46” and 55” Ultra Narrow Bezel LCDs are included in this lineup.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Crimson Video Wall Mounting System with Push in – Pop out™ technology

Quick and easy servicing of individual displays

Introducing Crimson AV’s,, innovative and elegant multi-display mount system that’s easy to specify, order and install.  It features Crimson’s proprietary Push in – Pop out™ functionality that enables quick and easy servicing of individual displays without disrupting the rest of the matrix. Simply push against the display’s bezel to release the lock and then pull the display outward.

Crimson AV Push In-Pop Out™ mounts allow easy access

VW4600G2 mounts provide a full 10.75” of extension for easy wiring and maintenance access. Lateral shift, plumb and vertical leveling features simplify precision positioning and eliminate gaps between the displays, while a dual-keyed system deters theft.

The VW4600G2 carries a 10-year warranty and is backed by a team of industry-specific designers who can assist in the specification process.

Delivering professional grade solutions that are at once simplified and superior, every product in Crimson’s comprehensive assortment is manufactured to rigorous standards and sells for a fraction of the price of other competitive solutions.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Vaddio Extends Live Technical Support Hours to Better Serve Customers

Get your questions addressed quickly and efficiently

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Vaddio has extended its availability for live technical support from 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. (CST) beginning October 1st, 2013. It’s not always possible to get in touch with a live person for technical support during an early morning video call or late night live event.

Vaddio Tech Support gang

“Good support, provided directly from the manufacturer, is critical to keeping systems running successfully,” explained Vaddio CEO and President, Rob Sheeley. “Vaddio stands by providing the right information, tools and solutions to get questions addressed quickly and efficiently. Plus, customers get a single point-of-contact to help diagnose and troubleshoot concerns.”

The Vaddio technical support team is comprised of veteran AV professionals and engineers who have extensive experience with not only Vaddio products, but also Vaddio integrated AV solutions – regardless of the vendor. The Vaddio support team can be reached directly at (763) 971-4428.  Additional install guides, technical support documents and support tools are available through Vaddio’s Technical Support Center at

Vaddio’s innovative products and partner-focused practices provide opportunity for integrators and resellers to win business and increase profitability. With industry-leading warranties, one-year advance replacement, and expert technical support, customers have the entire Vaddio team standing behind every project.

About Vaddio:
Vaddio is the premier global manufacturer of PTZ cameras, specialty camera control systems and professional USB peripherals for the audiovisual, videoconference and broadcast marketplaces. In applications ranging from distance learning to corporate conferencing and television production, Vaddio products bring class-leading capabilities, convenience and flexibility to you and your customers alike—elevating the science of communication with the Art of Easy. To learn more or to become a dealer, contact Vaddio at or by phone at 1 (800) 572-2011.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Vidyo Receives Top Ranking for Technology Partners in Independent Research Report on Desktop Videoconferencing

Ranked as a Strong Performer, Cited as Having “Best Overall Video Quality and Performance”

Vidyo, Inc., represented by the Enright Company under the distributor DAS,, has been cited as having the “the best overall video quality and performance” by Forrester Research, Inc. The company also received top ranking for its technology partners among all vendors in addition to being ranked as a “Strong Performer,” overall. Forrester invited 10 vendors to participate in its September 2013 report, The Forrester Wave™: Desktop Videoconferencing, Q3 2013. A complimentary copy of the report is available here.

According to the report, “Vidyo’s routing architecture shifts the heavy media-processing power from bridges to the endpoints, significantly reducing the cost per port to deploy video conferencing.” Additionally, “In our demo, Vidyo clearly delivered the best overall video quality, even with a large number of participants. Vidyo is foremost a provider of desktop video conferencing but also sells room systems based on the same software and routing architecture. Its ability to deliver solutions from the desktop to the conference room put it more squarely in competition with room-based vendors…” The report also states, “In contrast to our 2012 evaluation of Vidyo, during the 2013 Forrester Wave, it provided impressive enterprise customer references, each using its technology on a large scale.”

“It’s an honor for us to be recognized as a strong performer in Forrester’s report for desktop video conferencing,” said Ofer Shapiro, CEO and co-founder, Vidyo. “We strive to advance the industry and develop the best video solutions for our customers and partners. Our collaboration with Google to bring Vidyo’s SVC technology to WebRTC and our work in standardizing H.265 SVC provide proof points that Vidyo’s architecture is both standards agnostic and future proof as we continue to lead innovation in this field.”

Vidyo offers great solutions in videoconferencing

Vidyo believes the report supports key trends that are core to its value proposition:
  • The shift from hardware room systems to software endpoints
  • The importance of a strong mobile solution
  • The proliferation of WebRTC
  • Scalable video coding (SVC) based architecture that Vidyo pioneered allowing the best video quality among all participants

The VidyoWorks™ communication and collaboration platform is software-based, highly flexible and can be easily customized for individual enterprise and vertical market video conferencing needs. The VidyoRouter™ is based on the company’s patented Adaptive Video Layering architecture and leverages the standard based Scalable Video Coding (SVC) technology. It eliminates the MCU and offers unprecedented error resiliency, loow latency and rate matching enabling natural, affordable, high quality video to work over the Internet, LTE, 3G and 4G networks. Vidyo has been active driving H.264 SVC, HEVC and SIP video conferencing interoperability in various standards bodies since 2005 and most recently announced it will collaborate with Google to enhance video quality within WebRTC by developing a scalable video extension for the VP9 codec as part of the WebRTC client open source project.

About Vidyo, Inc.
Vidyo, Inc. pioneered Personal Telepresence enabling natural, HD multi-point videoconferences on tablets, smart phones, PCs, Macs, room systems and telepresence installations that interoperate with legacy H.323 and SIP endpoints. Vidyo’s infrastructure makes it a leading provider of affordable cloud-based video conferencing technology. The VidyoWorks™ platform allows solution providers to integrate high quality visual communications into their applications, leveraging Scalable Video Coding (SVC) and Vidyo’s patented VidyoRouter™ technology. Learn more at, on the Blog or follow Vidyo on Twitter @vidyo and on Facebook.

DAS (Direct Access Systems)¸, has been active in distribution in the conferencing market for decades. Based in Southern California, they service and stock Vidyo, Polycom and many other key manufacturers products in conferencing.
w latency and rate matching enabling natural, affordable, high quality video to work over the Internet, LTE, 3G and 4G networks. Vidyo has been active driving H.264 SVC, HEVC and SIP video conferencing interoperability in various standards bodies since 2005 and most recently announced it will collaborate with Google to enhance video quality within WebRTC by developing a scalable video extension for the VP9 codec as part of the WebRTC client open source project.