Saturday, August 7, 2010

Brightline Makes the Difference

Your customers need to spend a few more dollars to add proper lighting that HD VC system you’re installing. Why? How do you get it done correctly?
In business over 11 years, we at Brightline are thrilled to be represented by the Enright Company team.  Brightline,,  manufactures lighting systems for use in video applications. As an integrator, you need not be a lighting expert out of the chute. You need the right number to call for expert help: that person is your Enright Company representative.

Today more and more VC systems are sold in high definition. In 720P, the image sensor has four times more pixels than standard definition on a chip that in many ways is smaller than the SD predecessor.  This means in equal settings, each HD pixel receives potentially 75% LESS light than that of an SD chip. For accurate exposure and focus, enough light must reach the camera from the subjects.  A CEO who looks like a silhouette, green, out of focus or has dark circles under his eyes will not communicate as effectively as when he looks his best. Some companies include lighting in their VC packages not only to optimize system performance, but also to reduce service calls!

Seeing is believing: ask your Enright Company representative to arrange a brief VC with Brightline’s Pennsylvania-based demonstration room.  We’ll show you the before and after. Prepare to be amazed.

Brightline makes a wide range of lighting products that are built to order based on a lighting design Brightline creates to meet the needs of the system you are selling. As I make the rounds with the Enright Company, I want to arrange with you a training to get sales and engineers up to speed to successfully sell and profit from Brightline lighting systems with each new VC system sold.  I’m looking forward to working with you!

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