Friday, December 23, 2011

Polycom Frees Users from Vendor Lock-In with Support for TIP, Allowing Non-Standards-Based Video Systems to Connect with Polycom Standards-Based Video Systems

Polycom(r) RealPresence(tm) Platform software update connects non-standard TIP TelePresence Systems to standards-based video systems, extends interoperability across UC environments

Polycom, Inc., the global leader in standards-based unified communications (UC), announced a new software update to the Polycom(r) RealPresence(tm) Platform that allows customers using Polycom and other standards-based video collaboration solutions to join calls with non-standard Cisco telepresence systems, and vice-versa. The latest RealPresence Platform software update, released today, also further extends interoperability across Microsoft and IBM UC environments.

Affordable interoperability. The Polycom software helps reduce costs and complexity by eliminating the need for gateways and licenses.

Ease of use. By deploying the Polycom(r) RMX(r) universal collaboration server within the platform, organizations can connect non-standard TIP systems to multi-party calls-simply by dialing into a video conference virtual meeting room.

Reliable, enterprise-quality multi-party collaboration. Polycom's virtualization management capabilities (Polycom(r) DMA(tm) 7000) efficiently distribute calls across massively scaled networks, while auto failover protections ensure that services remain available even if servers go down.

Investment Protection. Organizations can add standards-based Polycom video solutions that work seamlessly with existing equipment.

Broadening the Reach of the First Open 'Video Cloud'
Polycom's latest software update also benefits the fast-growing community of "video as a service" providers. For enterprises and service providers alike, increased interoperability is a valuable roadblock-remover, as demonstrated by the newly incorporated Open Visual Communications Consortium(tm) (OVCC(tm)). The OVCC is an independent, expanding group of global video exchange providers, network providers, and equipment providers that was co-conceived by Polycom and leading global service providers to expand open video communications across any network, vendor platform, and device.

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