Thursday, February 13, 2014

GPO US’ Auto Condition Reporting (ACR)

Smart Controller keeps tabs on video walls in remote locations

Dead or unused space is never welcome on a video wall.  When a service issue arises, users often have no choice but to grin and bear it.  The interruption associated with failing screens is often exacerbated by the diagnostics process, as panels may need to be removed for further evaluation.  The invasion of service technicians into workspaces is never welcome but is a necessity when remote diagnostics (typically via phone or email) fail.

GPO US’,, ACR (Auto Condition Reporting) program allows users to keep tabs on video walls in remote locations and greatly reduces the need for disruptive onsite diagnostics and troubleshooting.

The Enright Company represents GPO in our entire region including AZ now.

GPO US’ “Superior” video wall series features compatibility with our “Smart Controller” (SM100), which provides an LED status readout showing the condition of inputs, power supply, and panel on individual monitors.  Smart Controllers are connected to video walls via RS-232 daisy-chain, so only one Smart Controller is required per video wall.  The Smart Controller also features a LAN port, which may be connected to a router, offering remote monitoring of display status from anywhere in the world with internet connectivity.

This leads to a significantly reduced diagnostic turn-around time and all but eliminates the need to remove screens for troubleshooting.  If a customer grants GPO US access to their local network, GPO US’ remote server will gather usage data for a full history of each display, offering further insight into usage patterns and conditions leading up to a failure.  ACR is available with any of GPO US’ “Superior” video wall models- both 46” and 55” Ultra Narrow Bezel LCDs are included in this lineup.

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