Friday, July 30, 2010

Vaddio New Products from InfoComm 2010

Hil-Res Cart & Lecturn
Vaddio,, has introduced several new major products this year at InfoComm. Contemporary furniture systems for classrooms and videoconferencing applications includes Edge™ videoconferencing carts and Instrukt™ educational teaching stations. Both lines are designed to integrate modern form, function and style for any classroom, boardroom or training facility.

AutoTrak combines IR camera tracking and a wireless microphone into one easy to use system designed for the education and distance-learning marketplace. The instructor wears the IR lanyard, with an integrated microphone. An IR PTZ camera tracks the IR lanyard, sending commands to the Tracking PTZ camera, keeping the instructor framed in the shot, which becomes the high definition or standard definition video output.

Reveal In-Wall Camera

REVEAL IN-Wall cameras are Vaddio’s first architectural integrated PTZ cameras that come with two options for the camera glass: either clear or electro-chromatic. The electro-chromatic glass turns opaque and mutes video when the camera is turned off or by RS-232 command.

The OneLINK from Vaddio is a revolutionary digital bus technology was created to reduce the number of cables required in any videoconferencing or presentation installation. With OneLINK, power, video and control are passed over a single bi-directional Cat. 5e cable providing easy installation for TANDBERG Precision HD cameras.

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