Friday, July 30, 2010


Viewsonic,,  has introduced their new video wall software solution, MultiView®. It has a sophisticated yet user-friendly interface where customers can create professional video presentations and dynamic screen layouts in just a short amount of time. Simply drag-and-drop from various media elements including .txt, JPEG images, video, PowerPoint, RSS feeds and HTML web pages. Using the ViewSonic video wall capable monitors (CD4232 & CD5232), users can display multiple high-resolution images and video on as many as 25 displays using a single video source for a cost-effective, dynamic digital signage solution. Stay tuned for more information on the launch of the Viewsonic MultiView® software solution.

Cheryl Badley, Viewsonic
Scheduling conference rooms just got easier using the ViewSonic EP1020r wireless 10” commercial LCD display and running ScheduleIt! ® on a single computer. The solution involves mounting displays in front of each conference room that are automatically updated, right from your Outlook calendar. Outlook users don`t have to do anything they are not doing now! Just schedule a meeting as you always do. When you specify the room and save the event, you are done. ScheduleIt! does the rest. ScheduleIt! allows each room to have its own individual schedule format, including background, title, sub-title, footer, time, date, font, color, and style. Because you can continue to use Outlook, rather than an expensive and complicated facility management program, you will be amazed at how inexpensive it is. ScheduleIt! is compatible with hundreds of media players, and web browsers, as well as LCD screens with built in JPG players.
ePoster®  from ViewSonic are here! The new ePoster products make it easy to replace those old backlit printed signs with new impactful high-definition digital posters. These sleek new displays feature built-in memory for storing high impact graphics as well as a powerful management tool featuring a content scheduler, duration timer and special effects editor for image transitions. Retail messaging is easy with ViewSonic’s new ePoster family of retail displays. Information is disseminated through the ePoster’s internal network connection or locally via the USB port. ViewSonic’s new ePoster products are available in various sizes and models and can be free standing or wall mounted. Great for announcing special promotions, computer-generated information or communicating multimedia with photos, audio, signage, and video. Call for more details on this and all our digital signage solutions!

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