Monday, January 19, 2015

Crimson – Easy to Align, Easy to Order

System designs accommodate an infinite number of displays

Crimson's,, innovative designs facilitate ceiling or wall-mounted options and accommodate an infinite number of displays in either landscape or portrait orientation. Assembly is a breeze, and once mounted, displays are both quickly and easily aligned, making installation incredibly efficient.

Ceiling mounted systems by Crimson

Easy to Align - Easy to Order

Our ceiling-mounted systems feature a proprietary quick assembly and easy-alignment design that simplifies the installation process exponentially.

Prices are based on the number of displays to be used, so you can easily quote the solution to your customer.  When you order, we conveniently kit all components for you and if you require a technical drawing of your system, we provide that as well.

Kits with Single or Dual Drops

When ceiling-hung landscape or portrait, in-line configurations are required, our CM mount systems provide the best solution on the market. Prefabricated kits are available in 1x3 through 2x5 configurations (including back to back).  Our proprietary design minimizes the number of drops for minimal visual distraction. Other configurations require additional ceiling drops, but the finished installation will be equally elegant.

WML (landscape)

Wall-mounted landscape configurations are just as easily specified as our ceiling-mounted solutions. Compatible with displays up to 65”+ in size, WML mount systems feature unique post-installation leveling and cable management capabilities for a clean-looking, fast and easy installation.  Priced per display for easy quoting to your customers.

WMP (portrait)

Our WMP mount systems provide portrait-oriented solutions for displays up to 65”+ in size. Like our other Menu Board mount systems, WMP includes all of the necessary components and hardware needed to complete the installation.

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