Monday, March 16, 2015

Texas A&M Reimagines its Football Locker Room with T1Visions’ Cutting-edge CMS

Web-based dashboard facilitates content updates 

When Texas A&M was awarded the opportunity to renovate its football locker room, they recognized the new facility would need to function in several ways. Functionality, ‘wow’ factor, and manageability were all key influencers in determining the right solution. This led them to T1Visions,

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The Challenge

  1. This new locker room would double as a premier recruiting facility that would ‘Wow’ the socks off any recruit that stepped foot inside the building – it had to be sleek, creative, and unlike anything else out there.
  2. Functioning as more than a traditional locker room, this facility would need to match the high expectations of the tech-savvy Millennial generation occupying these quarters. By integrating interactive technology throughout the locker room, this would keep players engaged with each other and with the team throughout the season.
  3. By outfitting the entire locker room with digital / interactive components, the biggest challenge would be managing a massive amount of content on the backend of this flashy facility. Texas A&M recognized the need for a CMS that could be easily maintained by its staff, and updated frequently and in real time.

The T1Visions Solution

  1.  Multiple videos walls that can feature content across the wall in its entirety or broken down into quadrants. Messages, images, video, or cable channels are all controlled from the T1Visions CMS dashboard.
  2. 246 digital tiles = 2 digital tiles for each of the 123 player lockers. Messages, images, or video can be customized for individual players – making the locker room a point of interaction between staff and player. The tiles can also serve as one single banner for messaging or video across the entire locker room. Highlighting big plays, player birthdays, and other team announcements are now just a click away.
  3. T1Visions’ CMS provides one central dashboard to control content across all 246 digital locker tiles and three video walls.

Key advantages in T1Visions’ CMS:

  • Update content anytime, anywhere with web-based dashboard (all that is required is log-in access)
  • Incredible ease of use – just one hour of training required (compare that to most solutions, which take several days)
  • Software-based solution means zero maintenance for additional hardware components.

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