Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hall Research Develops Real-Time Embedded Control for Most AV Equipment

Modern appliances and electronic devices are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Advanced feature sets require advanced configuration options. Multi level menu systems offer more granular control to the users but at the cost of usability. Unfortunately, most user interfaces are not advanced enough to solve the usability issues and therefore the interface actually becomes the weak link.

Physical interfaces such as button panels or remote controls have many disadvantages. Panel controls require a dedicated display for feedback and physical access to a fixed location. IR remote controls offer only one-way communication with limited feedback and can become difficult to manage for multiple devices.

Many different 3rd party control systems are available to develop fully customizable user interfaces for controlling multiple types of devices. These control systems are essentially software development platforms which provide a very high level of customization and development options. However, the highly technical nature of these platforms makes it cost prohibitive to implement in many situations.

We propose a new type of solution to address these issues and bring simplified management and control to a broader market through embedded virtual control interfaces.

Click here to see the full paper.

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